Popping up in a yard near you....

Just sit back and watch your favourites on the big screen!

Here is all you need to do -

  • Select from one of our combo deals
  • Prepare your space can either be front, side or back yard for our custom made 3m by 9m Marquee Tent 
  • Direct us to a suitable power outlet
  • Decide what you want to watch.
  • You can play DVDs of your choice, stream via online applications, connect your laptop or gaming systems to our engineered audio setup. 
  • What are you waiting for?? Click below to check out our latest offers! 


Prestige Pop-Up Parties is a Sydney based family owned outdoor pop-up cinemabusiness created during the uncertain times of Covid-19. We as a team have created the ultimate backyard cinema party experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard.

Our products and offerings in regards to backyard cinema entertainment is far superior than others that are currently on the market. Our difference includes a custom-made marquee that is weatherproof with specially made interior to darken the mood which will allow for the high-quality screen and projector to be watched at any time of the day. Our cinema marquee has been architecturally designed to fit approx. 12 people which also incorporates the distancing measures for Covid-19.

We bring the cinema to you with space black artificial flooring for comfort, bean bags, cinema lighting, lollies, popcorn, and drinks as part of our standard package.

We also offer a party hire services and can cater to all your needs.....

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